Thursday, July 06, 2006

1st Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards

The First Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards

Rockwell Tent, Makati City
10am to 10pm
July 15, 2006, Saturday

I'll be attending the first Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards where I'll be signing and selling copies of ELMER #1. I'll be there as early as 10am, but I will be able to stay only up until around 5pm.

The event will have a FORUM on Philippine Comics, participated in by various industry professionals including Alfredo Alcala Jr., who will be talking about his father, and display some of his father's original artwork.

I'll be coming up with a short video presentation of Filipino Komiks artists, past and present, which will be shown sometime during the day.

More importantly, the event will see the announcement of the winners of the Fully Booked/Neil Gaiman-sponsored comics creation competition. Works of the finalists in both the comics/graphic novel and short story categories will be displayed. The Alex NiƱo Award (comics/graphic novel genre) and the Gregorio Brillantes Award (short story genre) will be announced at 7 PM along with the other winners.

The organizers are teasing us with a "special guest" that they won't announce. I'm betting it's Neil Gaiman himself. I mean, this is HIS event, after all. He co-sponsored it. He's the very reason there's an event like this. Anyone else they bring in would be anti-climactic, and bit of a letdown. Sorry guys.

The Fully Booked site has the finalists up for download. Strange that most of the comic book entries' links are broken. I'm sure they'll be corrected eventually.

Good luck to all those who entered!


Jonas Diego Elmer Art

Here's ELMER art that my friend Jonas Diego sent over to me. It's the most unusual one I've received yet, and it actually treads subjects I will be dealing with in the comic book itself. Click on the image for a larger, and much more legible image.