Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Humanis Rex, ELMER

Here's a page from part 15 of Humanis Rex! which appears in this month's Fudge Magazine. There are a few cheats in there, most notably panel one, which I drew only the left half of the drawing and mirror-imaged the right.

In the backgrounds of panels 2 and 3 are snippets of an unused LAKAN page I drew way back in 1992, which also acted as a page from part 3 of Humanis Rex. It took me a week to do that Lakan page back in the early 90's. I was feeling a bit bloody back then for whatever reason, and I intentionally pricked myself in the finger with a needle and incorporated the blood into the ink that I used to do the drawing.

I was kind of pissed that the page was never used for a comic book that never eventually came out and I have all this art I poured my blood (literally) and soul into that no one will ever see. I'm afraid I won't be able to use the art on any of those Lakan pages on any other project, except this one, which will now be filed not as a Lakan page, but a page from Humanis Rex! Sorry Ian.

That's Pasig on the background of the last panel, courtesy of Google Earth.

Thanks to Carlo Pagulayan for the next couple of photos!

This was taken at the recent Toycon 2006 at Megamall. From left, that's Wilson Tortosa (Tomb Raider), Ryan Orosco (Darna), Leinil Francis Yu (Ultimate Wolverine, New Avengers) and me.

This was taken at Felix Cua's comics store Druid's Keep at Magallanes, during an ELMER signing. That's Felix, first on the left.

We will be having a signing soon at Sandy Sansonlis' Comics Odyssey at Robinson's Place in Malate. I'll keep you all posted! Hopefully, you'll also get your chance to have your comics signed by Wilson, Carlo, and possibly Leinil. I haven't had the chance to ask Ed Tadeo yet, but I'm sure he'll come. Diba Ed? :)

Speaking of ELMER, here's the latest fan art I got, this time from Wylz Gutierrez. Thanks Wylz!