Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Forbidden Planet ELMER Review

Forbidden Planet ELMER Review

"Elmer is the creation of Filipino comics artist Gerry Alanguilan who has worked as a penciller on many strips in his native land and as an inker on many comics projects for Marvel and other US based publishers over pencillers such as Whilce Portacio. The man is a damned fine artist. Now he is also a publisher and the first effort from his company Komikero Publishing is the comic Elmer."

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ELMER is also available at all Forbidden Planet stores as well as their online store. Click here for buying information.

I'm still damned overwhelmed that a legendary UK comics store would carry Elmer. I'm doubly overhelmed as it's them who got in touch with me first. Thanks go to Tom at the Comics Reporter because it was his feature on my 1st Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards post that attracted Kenny Penman of Forbidden Planet to check out my comic book.

I'm really speechless. I better just go and finish this month's Humanis Rex!

Thanks once again to Kenny! Check out Forbidden Planet's regularly updated blog here.