Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Activities for January and February, and It's Crazy!

Activities for January and February, and it's CRAZY!

Sampalok Lake Park
Anybody in town is free to join us at our first Komikero Meeting for 2007 on January 28, here in San Pablo City, beside Sampalok Lake. Click here for a map.

AREA B is most likely where we will be.

Para sa mga suki, doon tayo anywhere between tapat ng bahay ni Mr. Marino at Sabang Hills.

For those curious... these aren't really meetings, but just a get together of people who like art and sketch. Come on over if you're in the neighborhood. Bring your sketchbooks!


I'll be at the Read or Die Convention at the Hotel Intercon in Makati on Feb 3-4 where I"ll be having a booth. I'll be selling ELMER as well as original comics art. I also provided some material for an exhibit of vintage komiks art.
More Info on the RodCon2007


I'll be giving a kind of talk/lecture at UST on February 10. I really haven't done anything like this before. The closest thing is probably my inking lecture for the Glasshouse seminar a few years back. I'm not much of a public speaker and I would have declined, but I sort of got cornered by Antart to do it. he.he. So I am. Sorry na lang sa mga taga UST that they would be subjected to the most unberably embarassing talk in the history of the oldest University in Asia. See you there!


Joe Lad Santos, Jess Jodloman and Jun Lofamia at a recent planning session for the congress. Photo by Marboy.
I'll most likely be attending the Komiks Congress currently being planned for February 16. John Becaro has much more of a grasp on what this is about so head on over to his DA right now to see what's up. It's bound to be BIG and GOOD for the Philippine Komiks industry.


Cover to Secret Wars #1
Older comics fans would probably remember comics inker John Beatty for his work on the very first SECRET WARS, Captain America, Punisher and many other comic books. He's in town for personal reasons, but having recognized that he may have fans here, he's going to be doing a signing! More news on that later.


Captain Hatch, Weird Mystery Tales, DC Comics 1974
I'll also be interviewing Jess Jodloman sometime in February. Jess Jodloman is part of the first wave of Filipino comics illustrators who made an impact on US Comics. Jess Jodloman is a particular favorite of mine, having drawn really beautifully gruesome stories for DC's mystery and horror titles. Click on a sample of his awesome work below:
Jess Jodloman's Old Man With a Bible