Thursday, March 08, 2001

ATTN: Sen. Gregorio Honasan

Guess who's here in San Pablo today? I went out this afternoon to settle my Internet bills and went to buy some snacks for visitors at home. And just as I was about to cross our main road and bam! A vehicle with a huge HONASAN written on the side passed me by. I looked up and if it wasn't ol' Gringo himself waving like an idiot, red faced and fat. I swear my blood pressure shot up like a rocket in just a few seconds. Campaigning here in San Pablo huh? You want to be a senator again, huh? IDIOT. You don't GET a second chance. Moron. You'd think I'd forget how you prevented the truth from coming out? And how you, yellow bellied looking like a smacked wet puppy, tried to win back favor by turning but were beat back by an angry mass of Filipinos? Don't you fucking dare smile and wave your hand in front of ME wanting to shake my hand. You're disgusting. Get away from me. You're hideous. You're despicable. I hate you.

And if it hasn't been obvious yet. I will not be voting for you.