Sunday, March 11, 2001


Damn! I could almost smell it. I could almost feel it with my fingers. A new unopened copy of Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai Criterion Edition DVD. It retails for around 35 dollars in the states and I had a chance to own one after I made the highest bid for a copy at The bid started out at 1,100 pesos which was insanely inexpensive (relatively). I had bid 1500 for it which was beaten by a bid by a friend of mine, Raymond. I then bid 2000 for it which stayed that way for a couple of days. Then someone came in at the last minute and bid 2600, and he won it. Man, I was so disappointed. I could have fought for it and bid higher. In fact, I was on the bidding page with 2 minutes to go. I could have won it, but as much as I love this movie, I won't pay that much for it, specially since I could get it for less ordering it from Amazon.

I guess I'm nevertheless happy with the DVD that I had actually won, a copy of the 2 Disc Special Edition Highlander: Endgame DVD. Not exactly a movie in the order of Seven Samurai, but I'm a fan of Highlander so I guess that's OK.