Wednesday, March 21, 2001

I saw a French Film today on TV5. I was able to understand it because it had english subtitles. I've gotten sick lately of American movies and with Seven Samurai fresh in mind, I've got a craving now for non-Hollywood movies. I wasn't able to catch the title of the french movie. Actually, I got hooked onto watching it only because the lead actress was very pretty. Not Miss Universe beautiful, but the kind of pretty that you fall head over hells in love with. And the story was just the stuff of sappy tragic love stories. Girl has heart condition. Girl falls in love with guy. Guy dies and without Girl knowing, she gets Guy's heart. Still, watching it really moved me for some reason.

Leinil lent me copy of his Time Bandits DVD. Awesome!! Terry Gilliam rules!

Current comics faves see me returning to old favorites Barry Smith and David Mazzucchelli. Barry Smith's Conan: Red Nails still knock the socks off me every time I see it. Each page of my copy is so mangled from intense studying. This was the stuff I was looking at a long time ago when I was starting out. Looking back at my art samples back then I see a vitality that seems to be lacking in my work now. Jonas, a friend of mine, commented that the difference was probably due to the fact that I used quills more frequently back then. Aside from that, I let my instincts draw for me then unlike the studied methodical approach that I do now. It looks like I'm back to school.