Thursday, March 22, 2001

I got the FLU!! Again!! Darn it! Inspite of that, I'm still working on a Galactus drawing commissioned by a friend of mine, although I'm not drawing it as fast as I normally would. I've long wanted to do Galactus so I'm quite excited about it....

I saw Flowers for Algernon on HBO earlier today. It stars Matthew Modine as Charlie Gordon, a retardate who is treated to an experimental operation which hopes to make him smarter. The operation was a success. Too much of a success when it makes him a certified genius. I really liked it. I was crying by the end. This story made me sad when I first read it years ago. Yes, the movie is an adaptation of a 1959 Hugo Award winning short story by Daniel Keyes, but I believe this movie to be an adaptation of an earlier movie.

Hmm. It seems I'm getting transparent with my likes and dislikes. Yes, I'm a hopeless romantic and I like movies like this. So sue me.:)