Tuesday, March 06, 2001

Went out today to buy food for my dog and encountered a crime scene in town. A hold up of a local pawnshop led to the death of a guard after a shootout. The news was on everybody's lips and I heard all kinds of versions. One said that it was the local drug store that was robbed, and that it was the Abu Sayyaf who did it. Crazy really. Why would a Moslem rebel group rob a drug store. It doesn't make sense. It's a hold up, perpetrated by common criminals. I suppose the news would shock townspeople here. San Pablo isn't really a small town, but nothing much really happens here. This hold up is big news.

When I passed by the crime scene, the body was already gone but I could still see some blood near the entrance. A lot of people were still milling around.

Jeez. It's kinda depressing, knowing that just a few hours ago this person was still alive, thinking of what to bring home tonight for his family's dinner, catching up with what's on TV. And now he's dead. I can't bear to think of what his family is going through now.