Saturday, March 03, 2001

Now it's cold...and rainy to boot! Weather's gone crazy! I have to go out again today. Hopefully there's no traffic in my way or else I'm gonna freak. I finally finished Antony Johnston's City Of Light for Unbound Comics. I'll be working next on several illustrations for a Dr. Who benefit book. Can't wait to start on it. I actually haven't seen a single Dr. Who episode on TV, but I did enjoy the comics. I hope to finish it by next week and start on January again.

I saw Ravenous last night on Star Movies. What a crazy movie. When it began you can't tell if it was a comedy or not. I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch it, but it had Jeffrey Jones, who I find hilarious, and it also had one of my favorite actors, Robert Carlyle. And man, Robert didn't disappoint me. He was terrific in this movie! He was able to look pathetically crazy, and terrifyingly menacing and diabolical.