Sunday, May 27, 2001

Aw man, Blog was down for a long time. A week I think. I wasn't writing in anyway so I really couldn't care less. I'm doing this blog thing only because I'm so damned lazy I couldn't bother myself to html and FTP this thing on my own. If blog goes down one more time I'm bailing.

Still inking Xmen! Doing Ocholocrat when I'm free. Tough going, but I'm OK. It's been hot all day, and now it's raining. Damn it! Imagine the heat and humidity this kind of weather is going to kick up. I can feel it in my face. I'm worried that it will affect the Marvel paper like it did last year. Oh man that was a tough time. I had to blow dry those pages to get the damned humidity out just so I can ink them. If this fucking weather is going to screw up my chances of doing a good job on this XBook, well by God, I'm gonna. I'm gonna....well, I'm gonna cry. HU!!

Gah, can't cave in to that. If there is one thing that Whilce taught me is that if you're an inker, you aren't only laying down those black lines down, you're also a problem solver. If the ink isn't going down good, well damn it, find ways make it go down good. Find other inks, experiments with inks, whatever. Don't complain about the paper, don't complain about the ink, don't complain about the weather, don't complain about the cat piss on panel 3. Don't make any excuses. Look at the problem and find ways to solve them. Don't bother your editor or penciller with problems that you can solve well enough on your own.