Friday, May 11, 2001

Elections are on Monday next week. And you can bet your ass I'm going to vote. I'm more aware of what's going on and I'm going to make sure I vote the right people this time. Gad, I can't believe I voted for that Miriam 'OUT OF HER MIND" Santiago for president oh so long ago. I think losing that election wasn't the only thing she lost back there.

What I don't get is the endorsements given to candidates by religious groups like El Shaddai and the INK. With the way everyone is reacting, it seems that whoever these groups endorse, their membership will vote for that candidate en masse. What does this say about their membership? Are they mindless automatons who can't think on their own that they need someone else to tell them what to do? Don't they have their own minds? Can't they stand up for themselves? If anyone of you is reading this, don't think of this as an attack on you. All I am is generally curious. Why would you follow what they ask you to vote and not vote on your own conscience?