Tuesday, May 15, 2001

It's 6:00am and my dad has just come home. Man, I'm really proud of my dad because he stayed up all night as a Namfrel Volunteer safeguarding the votes being counted. And what have I been doing all this time? Working? Inking a comic book? Not to dismiss this job. I love it. I'm grateful for the opportunity, but in hindsight, this job could have waited a day, enough time for me to have done my civic duty. It's by no means compulsary, because it's one of those things you want to do and be proud doing it. I'll definitely do this the next time around, even if I have a pressing deadline.

If any of my fellow San Pablo denizens visit this page and would be interested in how the voting is going here in the city, check out this quick count by SPERM, or the San Pablo Electoral Reforms Movement. CLICK HERE.

I'm disappointed at the results, but I respect it, because it's what people from San Pablo want. I just don't want to hear any bellyaching from these people when these candidates start screwing us in the ass. This is what YOU wanted. You've made your bed, now by God, you better sleep in it.