Friday, May 04, 2001

I nearly forgot. After Wasted finishes serializing in PULP Magazine, the publisher has agreed to publish Wasted as a whole book. That's cool. I'm looking forward to that. For a long time I had reservations about it being read by a lot of people, but right now I just really don't care. If someone wants to publish it then shit, I'll not be standing in their way. Barbie Almalbis of Barbie's Cradle and Karen Kunawicz are doing intros for it!

So in a couple of months you'll see the last of me in Pulp. That should make this fucker Aaron Palileo happy. Dude, you've kicked me around month after month in the Pulp lettercol like I'm your personal wet rag punching bag. Two words, man. FUCK YOU.