Wednesday, May 30, 2001

Oh CRAP!! The humidity, as I feared, is making a mess of the pages. Dammit!!

Good thing I've got my trusty hair dryer with me. Takes a minute or so of passes and some reinking after erasing and it's all fine. I'll be fedexing stuff soon, and I'll be going up to Manila again today to get pages from Nil. I guess I'll pass by ComicQuest again to check out new comics if there are any.

Just got The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking, Bride of Re-Animator and Hidden Fortress DVDs from Amazon. I got Pippi because it's the one movie that NONE of my acquaintances has ever heard of. The only one person that I know who has seen the movie happens to be my girlfriend so we think of it as our "theme" movie. he.he. I'm glad that I got it on DVD. Re-Animator, as well as Bride of Reanimator, are some of the best horror B movies ever made. If you like stuff like that, then check it out. As for Hidden Fortress well, I talked about this one earlier. I hadn't had time to watch it because it requires me to actually step away from my table to actually look at it because I need to read the subtitles to understand it. Maybe when I get back.