Wednesday, October 08, 2003

I'm thinking that the Inquirer thing is probably the last interview I'm gonna do. And the Shangrila thing I'll be going to this weekend is the last such similar event I'll be a guest to. Believe it or not, I just like to work and just let all the other guys have the attention. I've actually been feeling quite uneasy about this kind of thing ever since the publicity surrounding Stone, way back 1998. I needed to help promote the book of course, and that's why I did it. But at some point it just became too much. Being asked to pose and act like a superhero is quite silly to me, really. And to be honest, I really hate doing it. It all started to distract me from working, and it seemed to inspire a lot of kids who wanted to be in comics, not because of the art, but because they want to be on TV and on the newspaper too. But that isn't what it was about to me. It's probably difficult for some people to believe, but I don't like the attention at all. I don't like being treated better than other people. Because my dad had worked in the local bank, I could always go up to the teller and have my business done first even if there's a line. I don't do that. I don't feel right doing that. I always fall in line, no matter how long it may be. I just like to write and draw comics, that's all. But working in comics, specially American comics, recognition and attention are part of the thing. I don't want it, but its there. I'll just do my best not to get involved in that, that's all.

My reluctance to do talks and seminars have got to do with the fact that I'm not really a public speaker. I can teach one or two people I meet here in San Pablo, but to do it in front of a large group of people (I consider 10 large) I feel I will not be as effective. I'm not a public speaker and I never will. I'm an artist and despite of my talkative nature here in my blog, I'm basically withdrawn and I don't have that many close friends. There are many times when I'd rather be alone. I'm much more of a writer. And I just love to write. People seem to be confused when they meet me, specially when I start talking. Me talking is very different from me writing. One could swear that those are two different persons.

My career is writing and drawing comic books. I feel that's one thing I'm good at. Why get me, or hire me to things that require skills outside of that? If you want to hire me, hire me to DO COMIC BOOKS. I can do that for you. But I can't speak to an audience for you. I can't go out there and be sociable for you. I can't go out there and lead other people, organize things, manage things and stuff like that. I didn't train for that. And I have no personal urge to do any of that.