Thursday, October 02, 2003

My head is SWOLLEN today. Please forgive my momentary urge to toot my own horn today. Aw what the hell. I'ts my blog baby and I'll toot if I want to!! :)

Here's a review of the work I did for the Graphic Classics: Bram Stoker from Feomante's Horror Homepage, a review by Christos N. Gage:

"Stoker also drew on other denizens of the supernatural for his villains, like the wrathful ghost in THE JUDGE'S HOUSE. I'd seen this short story adapted before in Warren's classic CREEPY magazine; but this version, by X-MEN and SUPERMAN: BIRTHRIGHT inker Gerry Alanguilan, is even more chilling, and that's high praise indeed considering the Warren version was drawn by the legendary Reed Crandall."

Read the entire review here:

Wow, if that doesn't make any artist feel like a million bucks I don't know what will.

But man....Reed fucking Crandall! I'm a BIG fan. If I had known that Crandall did an adaption of The Judges House I sure would have been intimidated...and it might have affected the way I drew the story severely. But still...I don't need to see Crandall's work to know that it would surely have been better drawn than mine. No false modesty here I assure you. Just an acceptance of what I can do. But I'm sure I can do better than what I can do now.


Sunday was another BIG day. I spent the entire day at Sampalok lake with my artist buddies, as I usually do every last Sunday of the month. Rene Enriquez, a new member of the group all the way from Cebu, brought his nifty digital camera and shot some really cool pics. I put up a site of his pics of us here:

It started to rain really hard just as the last picture there was taken. I had to go home at 4 so I can prepare for a UAP thing that night. On the way home I got nearly hit by lightning. Really! It hit something close by and it made an exploding sound. I looked around and I didn't see anything.

At the UAP induction, I had an awareness of my real purpose in that organization. I mean, I wasn't a practicing architect, and yet, there I was a member of an organization of architects. What makes me stay? I can't explain it....I just want to. I like the people in the group and I like belonging to it. But with everyone having his or her specific role...I had been searching for just what I use I can be. After being made chairperson of Web Promotions, it all became clear. I had volunteered to make a website for the group years ago, but only now did I resolve to put my all into it and make it the best UAP site there is. I still don't know HTML, but I do try to make the best of it.

United Architects of the Philippines San Pablo Chapter