Thursday, October 23, 2003


Last Saturday night, I was in a casino for the first time in my life. We were winding up our UAP National Conference with a Fellowship night hosted by Boysen at the Casino Filipino in Tagaytay. I wanted to get out as soon as I got in. For some reason, it felt like 1984 in there. 1984 as in the novel by George Orwell written in 1948, speculating what the future will be like. This is the book where phrases like "Big Brother is Watching" was coined. And man, I felt like Big Brother was watching me all the time everwhere in there. Cameras, cellphones with cameras, and even HATS for God's sake weren't allowed inside. And Ilyn had a hat with her. I knew beforehand cameras weren't allowed so I didn't bring mine. It's too bad because Fellowship night was really fun and we met a lot of really nice people. It was kind of restricting, and you felt like you were being watched all the time. We were searched coming in, but it was downright insulting when we were searched going out. What the fuck did they think we were going to steal? Forks? Spoons? OUR spoons and forks are WAAAAAY lot nicer than the scrap metal you call utensils, Casino Filipino. We're ARCHITECTS. We don't steal fucking spoons and forks because we can afford fucking hundreds of those. Aside from the Fellowship program itself which was really fun, everything else about that casino disgusted me. And I'm not going to step into one ever again.


When I was searching the web this morning, I stumbled on a couple of things that nearly drove me crazy. TWO new releases from Bruce Springsteen...and they're both coming out next month! I can't believe I didn't hear any news at all before. I called my DVD and Audio CD pushers right away to order copies for me. he.he.