Saturday, January 24, 2004

Lake Pandin
San Pablo City

I was finally able to visit Lake Pandin here in San Pablo City. Mr. Mariño was going and I asked if I could tag along. It's not as easy to access as Sampalok Lake is, as you would need to travel by jeep some considerable distance from the town, and then walk another kilometer or so through winding pathways to reach it. Perhaps it's remoteness is the reason why it has been preserved as well as it has been. Just over the hills beyond lies its twin lake, Yambo.

Legend has it that Yambo and Pandin were once sweethearts, human as you and me. The girl was cursed by the spirits. Her feet will never touch the ground or it will mean the destruction of all. Tempted by the boy, the girl stepped on the ground and the curse came upon them terrifyingly and swiftly. Clouds blackened and the heavens poured down its anger upon the two. The following day two lakes were to be seen lying side by side and were named after the two tragic sweathearts.

Yes, I'm making a comic book adaptation of it. One of these days.