Saturday, November 26, 2005

Around the Net, November 2005

There's a pretty good interview with Filipino comics illustrator/animator Dell Barras conducted by Randy Valiente at his blog:

Dell Barras Interview Part 1

"I started as an inker. I inked with my Filipino style of inking which they approved. Those days, they liked the styles of Filipinos because of the greats like Nestor and Nebres are already there. We didn’t have time to adjust because of the deadlines. Just ink it as you get the job."

Dell Barras Interview Part 2

"I still prefer doing my art on raw paper. Mas masarap maramdaman ang pahid ng brush o pen sa cartolina just like old times. Malaki rin ang naging effect ng mga makabagong technology sa mga artist, noon at ngayon. Ang ibang mga kasabayan ko dito e ayaw mag-aral ng computer. I told them na we should go with the trend or be left behind. But I still do my storyboards and artwork on paper. Walang makapapalit niyan."

Floro Dery Interview

"Comics is a difficult profession. It involves a lot of practice, experience, and persistence. Only artists with talent can become comics illustrators. If you are a comics illustrator it is easier to become a cartoonist, designer, painter, storyboard artists, etc."

Here are some sites of other Philippine comics creators, old and new, I found on the web.

Amado (Madz) Sanggalang
He worked as an illustrator for D.C. and Marvel comics. He was a former assistant to Alex Nino from 1975-1990. In 1991 he worked with Neal Adams and Alfredo Alcala as an inker on Conan. He also worked with Tony Zuniga, Nestor Redondo, and Dell Barras.

Vic J. Poblete's Devil Car
Official blog of comics writer Vic Poblete, with special regard to his classic creation Devil Car, illustrated by such greats as Lan Medina and Karl Comendador.