Thursday, November 24, 2005

Pilipino Komiks Blog by Dennis Villegas

Dennis Villegas' Pilipino Komiks

I encourage anyone who has an interest in Philippine komiks to visit the blog of comics historian and collector Dennis Villegas, probably one of the most historically fascinating sites on this subject today.

Damy Velasquez
GASI Editor in Chief, 1963-1972

This photo is courtesy of Dennis, who shares in his current entry a pictorial tour of how comics are made in the country during the 60's. It's a fascinating peek into a time in our komiks history when comics was still a larger part in the lives of ordinary Filipinos.

Visit Dennis Villegas's blog here.

Browse around and you'll be able to see scans of some rare artwork such as Kulafu by Francisco Reyes, Bulalakaw by Francisco V. Coching, and a scan of the cover of the first true comic book published in the Philippines, "Album ng Kabalbalan ni Kenkoy" by Tony Velasquez and Romualdo Ramos, published in 1934.