Friday, November 11, 2005

Gregorio C. Coching, Illustrator

Gregorio C. Coching, Illustrator

Tagalog Klasiks #30
August 26, 1950

Francisco V. Coching's father Gregorio was a famous pre-war novelist, engraver, sculptor and councilman who wrote and illustrated komiks-novels for Liwayway and ACE Publications.

Tagalog Klasiks #29, 30
August 12, 26, 1950

Gregorio C. Coching is the online museum's current featured artist. Click on this link to see a large scan from Hara Siri.

Gregorio worked with his son Francisco on this story when the latter provided a Hara Siri cover for Tagalog Klasiks #30. Click on this link to see Francisco's cover.


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