Monday, November 07, 2005

Brush, Ink, Paper and Pencil

Brush Ink Paper and Pencil (BIPP)

BIPP is an informal group of some of the best young comics artists formed in 1971 by Rudy Florese, Rico Rival, Ading Gonzales, Romeo Tanghal, Abe Ocampo, Sonny Trinidad, Rudy Nebres, Mar Santana, Dell Barras and Hermoso Pancho.

Formed together as a brotherhood rather than a formal organization, members strove to develop their art and they placed the BIPP logo on their stories, both local and abroad, as a symbol of solidarity.

Rudy Florese

Hermoso Pancho

Abe Ocampo

Rudy Nebres

Rico Rival

Mar Santana

Thanks to Dell and Dennis for their help!