Thursday, November 24, 2005

Gamer's Rights

A Game Developers' Bill of Rights
(Inspired by the Bill of Rights for Comics Creators)

If this isn't a snowball gathering mass as it rolls down a slope, I don't know what is. It's only somewhat related to comics, but it's heartening to see artists from other mediums assert their rights over their creations.

Directly inspired by Scott McClouds's The Creator's Bill of Rights specially for comics creators, A Game Developer's Bill of Rights has been formulated, one of the the most important proviso of which being:

1. The right to full ownership of what we fully create.

Although it is still an "on going discussion, a provocation that draws attention to a set of important issues and challenges facing our industry", it is a significant step towards the upliftment of artists in culture and in history.

Read the full story here.
A Game Developer's Bill of Rights

Thanks to Comics Reporter's Tom Spurgeon for the link and for the mention of this blog on his site.