Friday, November 25, 2005

BAROK by Bert R. Sarile

by Bert R. Sarile

Someone asked me if I had any Barok strips in my collection and I had to unfortunately say that I didn't. I had some strips by Bert Sarile from the 60's, but I didn't have any Barok, which I think came later. Undoubtedly, Barok is the most popular character created by Sarile, a comedy strip starring a pre-historic caveman carrying a large club. Barok was made into a movie starring Chiquito in 1977.

So it was such a thrill to stumble into a Barok compilation at National Book Store last week, published by Pacyno Publishing Co. It's black and white, digest size, 130 pages... and amazingly, at only 35 pesos!

Copyright information dates this as 2004 so it's a new publication and should still be readily available at all branches of National. I found it along with all the locally published humor books like Pugad Baboy, Congressman Kalog, Pupung, etc.

Pacyno also published "On Da Record", a compilation of comedy strips also by Bert Sarile, b&w, 130 pages, and also for 35 pesos.

Is Bert Sarile still around, anyone know?