Thursday, March 16, 2006

ELMER FAN ART, Arnold Arre

Arnold Arre

Fan art to ELMER has come in from surprising places, depicting some really surprising moments. This one from award winning comic book creator ARNOLD ARRE, who has as of this moment just unleased his latest graphic novel ANDONG AGIMAT.

"What would you like you see in a superhero comic?" That was the question Arnold asked us in the wake of the resurging interest in Darna perpetuated by the new comic book and talk of a movie and TV series.

In the Philippines, while Mars Ravelo borrowed heavily from American iconic figures such as Superman, Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman, other super heroic figures without the colorful costumes have been popular. The herioc "agimat" stories and movies have been popular to Filipinos and can be traced to our myths and legends.

With Mythology Class, Arnold went back to these myths and legends. With his interest in FPJ and Ramon Revilla action movies, he now brings these legends to the streets.

So what kind of superheroes did Arnold have in mind? Superheroes without the cultural trappings of American comics. Superheroes steeped in mythology but sharpened by the dirty grey tabloid world. Superheroes that are different and yet familiar. New and yet remembered.

The world of Andong Agimat.

Prof. Emil Flores
UP College of Arts and Letters

Two-time National Book Award-winner Arnold Arre's new graphic novel "Ang Mundo ni Andong Agimat" is now available at Comic Quest branches, National Book Store, Powerbooks, Fully Booked and Filbars branches.


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