Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Final ELMER Cover

Elmer #1 Final Cover

After some canvassing, I was able to decide on a printer for Elmer. Not only were they the most inexpensive, I also know these people, and the comics they've printed before looks good to me. They also guarantee an April 30 delivery date, just as long as I turn in all material at a certain date.

Final retail price is 50 pesos. Bear in mind that that figure wasn't arrived at unilaterally. I really tried to offer this comic book as inexpensively as I could, without me ending up losing money. Factoring in the cost of printing, as well as the percentage that the stores will take (some stores take as much as 40%, sometimes even more), and other expenses, I land with the figure of 50 pesos per issue, which is a figure that I think would make enough money just enough for me to come out with the next issue.

Although I have published many mini-comics before, this is the first one I'm actually publishing out of my own pockets for the first time using offset printing, as opposed to photocopying. Many of my other past work, including WASTED, were published by other people like Alamat and Pulp.

Although this will be fully self published, it will carry the Alamat logo, and proudly so. I still consider myself a member of Alamat Comics and I had promised myself I'll do my part to keep it alive.