Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Jeremy Arambulo's ELMER, Humanis Rex!

Jeremy Arambulo
Elmer Art

A US-based Pinoy indie comics creator, Jeremy's most recent local work can be seen in Siglo: Passion, adapting Dean Alfar's "Hollow Girl". Visit Jeremy's newly refurbished official site here.

Thanks Jeremy!

I'm really surprised that all of the Elmer art sent to me seem to fit and find their place in the story I'm trying to tell. This one not only fits, but it also gives me an idea that I might just well use in the comic book. he.he.

I now have a definite date for the release of issue #1. April 30, 2006! Better to be safe than late! If I can get it out earlier the better. :)

Check out the Official ELMER Site here for a 4 page preview, comics info, as well as all the Elmer fan art sent to me so far.

Humanis Rex WAR!

Preview art for Humanis Rex #12 out with Fudge Magazine's April issue!

Recognizing that one month is probably too long to maintain continuity and to introduce each new reader into the story, this installment now comes with a short and concise summary of what the series is all about, and what has happened so far.