Thursday, March 30, 2006

Alcala, Infante, Manila Klasiks

Alfredo Alcala-Inker
John Buscema-Penciller

There's lots of stuff inside my computer, artwork that I got from the Internet, from emails from various people... too much stuff to put up, but today I felt like doing it. The one above I got from an Ebay auction from a while back. Ebay is sometimes a great source of really cool scans like this, which I believe to be from Conan.

That's a batch of Manila Klasiks Komiks covers which went up for auction on Ebay some time ago. If I'm not mistaken, it was Dennis who was the seller. I wasn't able to bid on any of these at the time, unfortunately. Even I had no idea that we had so many titles that had been published. Artists for some of these covers include Ric Collado and Caguintuan.

Tor Infante

Dell Barras sent me these scans of art by Tor Infante from a Continuity Comics title. Neal Adams inked the faces here, I'm told. Tor Infante is one of the lost geniuses of our time. He's still relatively young, perhaps just a few years older than me. I wonder what he's doing now. Like Lan Medina, he can still kick ass today if given the opportunity.

And just for kicks...

Just something I got via email a couple of years ago. I look at it when I'm kind of depressed.