Sunday, December 14, 2003

I just got home from an interview with SWITCH, a program on Celestron Cable, San Pablo City. Those interviewed with me were Komikeros Rick Malijan and Jonas Diego. Switch was supposed to interview us last Sunday during the Festival but due to some technical reasons, the interview was moved to today. We talked about everything that had to do with being a comics artist and how we came to be known as "Komikeros".

As I've explained here previously, "Komikero" was a name I thought would be nice domain name for my personal site. It was also what I named my message board. The Laguna Artists Group being named "Komikero" happened by pure accident and it was something I didn't intend. But it just sort of caught on, which is just allright, I suppose.

For those in San Pablo, our episode on Switch will be shown 7:00pm this Saturday, December 20. Unfortunately, I won't be able to see it since I'll be in Makati for the SIGLO launch.

Speaking of Siglo: Tales of Freedom, the 100 page anthology for which I contributed a 10 page story about a fictional ancestor living a non-fictional family legend, is now available at ComicQuest. I haven't seen the book yet, but I've already received messages from people I know that they really like the book and really liked the story I did. And it's really nice to hear. The first time I got involved with the project, I felt a nice vibe from it and I knew that it would result in something good. I hope to get my copies really soon.