Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Submissions and Stuff

I receive a lot of emails with artwork asking for critique. It may take some time, but I get around to offering my thoughts on all the artwork sent to me eventually. It's gratifying to see really talented folks getting interested in drawing comics and I try my best to be honest about my assessment of their work so it will help them improve. The thing is, some people send me samples telling me they want critique, but deep in their minds all they really want is praise. Because as soon as I spot a weakness and point it out, I'm bombarded with all kinds of excuses. "It's my style", "That's the way I really draw" and some such nonsense. They get pissed, they go away, I never hear from them again. Those who send me the artwork through the postal mail I take much more time and effort to critique and there I really have a go at it. So far, all those who received feedback from me seem to appreciate it and show sincere desire to improve and that's good.

Sometimes, I receive scripts. Some of them are even sent to me by my friends asking for feedback. Unlike critiquing art, critiquing scripts take a very long time and almost all the time, I never get to offer feedback. It just too difficult and takes too much time. I spend most of the day working, an hour or so to email and Internet, and the rest for other duties around the house like cooking and stuff like that. So if I can't read scripts, it's not because I have something against these people, its just because my human limitations just prevents me from exerting more effort than I can possibly give. So if you intend on sending me a script to ask me what I think, please don't. Most of the time I'll just be nice and say I'll get back to you, but after a month or couple of months of not hearing from me you'll just be pissed and wish me bodily harm.