Friday, December 19, 2003


If you don't see the comments feature, it wasn't my doing. Something seems to be wrong with the service provider. Maybe they're down or something. Hopefully it comes back soon. In the meantime, having it down like this makes loading of this page really slow. And for that I apologize. Hang on. If it doesn't come back in the next couple of days, I'm getting Haloscan.

Oh and if you don't see me at Friendster anymore, that was MY doing. It just wasn't working anymore for me. I think it's a great idea, but I find myself finding less and less time for it. Just a note for some people: Friendster doesn't allow profiles for groups, animals or fictional characters, only individuals. It's in their Terms of Service, please go read it. You should also place pictures of YOU, not drawings, pictures of actors, ducks, chickens or whatever. You should also put your real names not some lameass codenames. How else can people find you and know it's YOU? Nag friendster ka pa.

I'm also getting rid of my cellphone soon and I won't be getting another one. Actually, my old cellphone has been acting up the past several months and in fact, I'm using a friend's phone at the moment which I need to return very soon. I can always buy a new one, but when my old phone got broken, I was forced to go phoneless for a while and I sort of liked the feeling. I realize I can get on without it. I remember the reason why I got it in the first place, which you can read in this section of the archive dated February 22, 2001.

Basically, I got a cellphone because I was always online and Ilyn was getting pissed getting a busy signal on my landline all the time. Another reason was that she was working in Alabang and I couldn't tell her if I was going to be late picking her up because of traffic. Now I never get a busy signal because of my DSL, and Ilyn and I are now both living together. Certainly there are more uses of a cellphone than that, but none of the reasons are enough anymore for me to maintain one. More often than not, cellphones are used to tell people what you can't tell them in person, or if you wish to change the time of a meeting with impunity or call off a meeting all together. I suppose I may get disadvantaged about certain things if I do let go of my phone, specially if nearly all of the people I know have one, but I think I can live with it. It's just as easy to just email me or call me on my land line. It may just take a bit longer, but I've managed to live so long under those kinds of circumstances without much problems so I see no reason why I can't again.

If anyone wishes to get in touch with me, its so easy to do so. There's my site,, my message board, and you can always email me at gerryalanguilan at