Sunday, December 21, 2003


Last night was the launch of Siglo: Freedom at Greenbelt 3, Makati. Siglo: Freedom is this huge comics anthology of stories of freedom told through the eyes of Filipinos through the last 100 years. I was given the chance to contribute a story set in in the 1940's. I was glad to have been given this decade because I felt it was the one where I could tell a story that I really wanted. I wanted to tell the story of a makapili played by a fictional ancestor living a true family legend. As to what that means, I would suggest you just read the book. He.he. Right now available at ComicQuest Megamall, but will soon be available nearly everywhere books are sold. Or you can catch us at the grand launching on January 30 in Intramuros.

From left: Andrew Drilon, Marco Dimaano, Our Benefactor Mr. , Jason Banico, Nikki Alfar, Gerry Alanguilan, Dean Alfar, Carlo Vergara, Elbert Or and Yang Vergara.

Dean Alfar (standing), his wife Nikki, and Richard.

Oliver Pulumbarit, Carlo Vergara and me.


Footnote with regards to my entry of December 15:

Jonas has suggested a put a bullet style of presenting my points, maybe in the form of a FAQ. My long and winding meanderings on my views on Filipino art may be too meandering for other people to fully grasp. Once again, I am baffled by the feedback of my opinion. Because feedback has nothing to do at all with what I'm saying, I'm accused of things that I'm not doing, I'm attributed sayings I never really said. Feedback falls so far from the real point of my articles that I'm convinced that they never really read my words at all. It's terribly frustrating.