Tuesday, December 23, 2003


A fried of mine emailed me tonight with some Christmas greetings. Another email of his arrived at the same time and it triggered my Norton Antivirus scanner, saying that it contained the JS.Fortnight.D virus and that it will automatically quarantine it. After being safely convinced that the virus was contained, I opened my friend's email in EUDORA, the email program I normally use, but not intending to open any attachments it may contain. But something strange happened. Every email, even old ones, cannot be opened. I closed the program, and when I opened it again, Eudora informed me that the Inbox is corrupted and prompted me to build a new one. And when I did, all the messages in the Inbox has gone.

Oh Shit!

I normally go through all my emails as soon as they come in, but I had been so busy the past month that I let my messages accumulate in my Inbox unfiled and some of them unopened and unread. I had been intending to open them at a later time and reply one by one. I think I've had anywhere from 100 to 150 messages in my inbox tonight. And some of them I know to be too important to be deleted, and some of them needing reply very soon. But now they're all gone!

To my friend...jeez, man. You know you're one of my best friends but aw man.... still I know it's not your fault. Just be careful opening those damned attachments. As for me, I didn't open any attachments and I handled the virus as properly as I know. I guess Eudora acted up at the wrong moment. I probably should have filed the important emails as soon as I got them.

To anyone who has emailed me in the past month or so, please send your emails again.