Monday, April 26, 2004

I've always wanted a separate studio from the place where I live. Although I do enjoy working at home, I find I get more things done in a studio set up. I don't have any of the distractions I have at home like the computer, the TV, the bed, stuff like that. I considered renting a place but computing all the rent, bills, etc. I realize it would be an expensive and a bit unecessary expense.

So I'm extremely glad that UAP (United Architects of the Philippines) San Pablo Chapter set up its new offices and encouraged me to work there instead. I really couldn't say no. Not only do I get that studio I've always wanted, I also get free airconditioning all day. It's the best!

For those who may not know, aside from working in comics, I'm a registered Philippine Architect as well. I can practice it if I wanted to. And I have belonged to the national organization of Architects UAP since 1994. Although I don't practice anymore, I don't mind belonging to the UAP because the San Pablo Chapter is a group with a really great bunch of guys (and girls). It's fun going to conventions and specially conferences which take us for half a week in far away places. In fact, we'll be going to Palawan within the next couple of months....and possibly Iloilo, Bacolod or Bohol in October. Expenses paid by sponsors! :)