Saturday, April 03, 2004

Pinoy Komiks

I've been buying several lokal Pinoy Komiks the past few months and I've found that there are some really GOOD artists working there now. Here are just some examples:

On the left is a page from "Under a Spell" written by Ethan Bernal and drawn by Rol Enriquez for Abante Thriller Vol. 2 #23. These Abante Komiks feature complete stories for each entire 20+page issue created by just one creative team, as opposed to the several short continuing stories made by different creative teams on previous traditional komiks. The art is a blend of traditional pinoy komiks art with western sensibilities. The production values of the comic does the artwork injustice to be honest. This whole thing would have looked far better if it had been printed on better paper and a better printer. Sure, it would have cost a little bit more, but at least the art doesn't get wasted like this. And more people would take notice and more people would actually buy it.

The one on the right is from Hiwaga Illustrated Stories # 2851 published by Atlas. I don't know who the artist is but he's GOOD.

This one comes from DARNA #3 from Mango Comics. Written by Boboy Yonzon and pencilled, inked, and colored by Gilbert Monsanto, with assists from Ner Pedrina. Great job, Gilbert! This is the BEST stuff I've seen from you yet!

And believe it or not, our nearly century old comics magazine LIWAWAY is STILL going strong. The latest issue has artwork from some of our veterans Rico Rival, Hal Santiago, Federico Javinal and Jun Lofamia, the artist of the above illustration.

I think these comics are worth a second look. With the exception of Mango, I haven't tried to look at those other comics, dismissing them as well...not very good....but in truth, some of them are really good. I think they do deserve a chance to be seen and read by more people.