Tuesday, April 20, 2004

A Philippine reprint of Superman: Birthright has just been released (officially) via DC Superheroes #1, cover date April-May 2004 published by PSICOM Publishing. It is digest sized and also includes Jim Lee's first HUSH issue on Batman, as well as JLA: Extinction. Superman: Birhtight of course, is the title I'm currently inking now over Leinil Francis Yu for DC Comics.

The printing is excellent all throughout, and very faithful to the quality of the original printing. Kudos to Psicom for pulling out all the stops to make this not only a quality book, but also a relatively inexpensive one. With P95 pesos, you not only get Birthright #1 but 2 whole DC stories as well. That's around 68 pages right there.

Plus there's an interview with yours truly. he.he. Courtesy of Jon Zuluaga. Thanks man!