Thursday, April 08, 2004

More Pinoy Komiks

Here is another drawing by Jun Lofamia from the newest issue of Liwayway Magazine dated April 12, 2004.

Sad to say, Federico Javinal no longer draws the series "Pagbabalik ng Agila". I'm told that he has returned scripts to Liwayway becauseof his inability to draw due to an illness that has affected his eyes. The segment of Agila on the previous issue was the last that he did. I'm hoping that he gets better and continues to draw more in the future. Pagaling po kayo Mr. Javinal!

Maskarado is written and drawn by Reno Maniquis, who brings his daily strip from TEMPO to his newest comic of the same name. A previous release (#0), recapped Maskarado's origin, and #1 is the start of whole new adventures. Immediately after opening this comic, you will immediately be nostalgic for Pinoy komiks of old (if you are old enought to remember), and I enjoyed it as such. Bring on the 2nd issue Reno!

Tikbalang Nation is written by Jason Banico and drawn by Ner Pedrina. A few pages into the comic, you will realize you are reading a short and concise political history of the Philippines and carries a warning for the future. Very thought provoking.

Both titles are available at ComicQuest Megamall. Great Job Reno, Kuki, Jason and Ner!

I've got an interview up at Pixelbureau.Com. Thanks guys! I'm really happy and honored that you would put some attention this way. What a nice head-bursting article....with a little bit of proof-reading it will be all fine. :)