Friday, April 02, 2004

Just got back home from some komiks and original art hunting and I got a few. The above artwork came from a Liwayway Komiks supplement from 1951 featuring PALASIG, written and drawn by the great Francisco V. Coching. This supplement includeds stories and artwork from Nestor Redondo, Alfredo Alcala, Tony Velasquez, Nemesio Caravana, Clodualdo Del Mundo, Adriano Laudico, Fred Carillo, Jose Domingo Karasig, Ruben Yandoc, Gemiliano Pineda and Ramos.

I was surprised when I saw this supplement because all stories are in FULL COLOR. For a local comic to achieve this in 1951 was indeed a surprise, specially considering most subsequent comics in the following decades only had black and white, monochromatic or sparsely colored pages. I discover something new about Philippine Komiks everyday and I think I've got a whole lot more learning to come for the forseeable future.

The above series of panels came from an original page from Dr. Sabak strip, by probably the most popular cartoonist in the Philippines, Larry Alcala (no relation to Alfredo, I think.) This came along with other originals from Nestor Redondo, Elpidio Torres and Francisco V. Coching!

As much as I personally enjoy being able to acquire these artworks, I'm more excited at the fact that I have these to add to the Filipino Comics Art and Artists book that's being put together. I hope to be able to get more, either owned or borrowed, so we can at last start the process of putting the book physically together.

Thanks to Dennis Villegas, Edward Delos Santos, and Alex Villaflor for a very interesting day!