Tuesday, April 13, 2004

That's something from a short story I did for an upcoming comics magazine. I can't talk about the magazine yet though, so stay tuned!

I'll be gone from home for several days starting tomorrow and won't be back until Sunday. My other life will take over for a while and for 5 days I'll be an architect attending the 30th National United Architects of the Philippines Convention in Manila. Me and Ilyn get to stay at Manila Hotel for 5 days for FREE, courtesy of Boysen Paints WHEEE!! Food included! Boy! I wish there was a sponsor equivalent of Boysen to comics artists, but I can't think of anyone...Rotring? Higgins? I don't think so...:)

But it won't be all Architecture for me. It will also be a HUGE komiks week for me in that I will be able to acquire a Tony Velasquez Kenkoy original art page, as well as a rare magazine called Saga Saga #1, which was released soon after World War 2. It contains a previously unknown and forgotten comics strip written and drawn by Francisco V. Coching, a piece of work that isn't even included in Coching's definitive list of works in the Katha't Guhit ni Francisco V. Coching book. I will be meeting with Fred Carillo's family as well. I won't be able to meet Mr. Carillo this time since he's in the US, but I will be able to meet and talk with his son. Thanks again to Dennis Villegas for making all this possible.