Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Last October, I got a booth, two booths actually, at the San Pablo City Market by the Lake October festival where I previewed the Comics Museum, as well as sell a bunch of old comics, books, post cards etc. Click Here for pics and coverage of that event.

It was pretty much a Komikero group booth as well and the group hung out for several days and we had lots of fun. It was great! So we were looking forward to having another go at it this month at the Cocofest.

But unfortunately, I will not be taking any booths this time around. When I went to reserve a booth yesterday, I was informed that each booth would now cost 3,000 pesos to rent for 7 days, *without* a tent. At the Oktoberfest, each booth was only 1,000 pesos and it *had* a tent. That's why I was able to afford two booths back then.

I'm horrified at the apparent profiteering of this event. They probably realized how successful the last one had been and want more this time around. But you're *not* getting it from me.

I already made a cover for the COCOFEST for the official newsletter for free in an effort to help you know, because I fucking love this town and want to help make things better. It's just too fucking bad that other people don't feel the same way.