Monday, January 17, 2005

Komikero Sketch Meet

I did some sketching beside Sampalok Lake yesterday, and some members of Komikero showed up to sketch as well, and hang around. I was there as early as 9am, planning to just draw all day and then see what's up at the plaza in the evening. Even though the San Pablo fiesta was the other day, yesterday being a Sunday I was sure there would still be some festivities going on.

The big surprise when a van pulled up behind me as I drew and out stepped Ed Ramos, an old good classmate of mine from college, composer and keyboardist for the awesome cult band Ethnic Faces, and incidentally the guy who first got to read chapters of Wasted as I finished them. I used to live near his place back then. With him was his girlfriend Annie Alejo, editor in chief of FUDGE Magazine, and other people who worked for Fudge like Anna Gan.

They came over to interview Mr. Mandy Mariño, whose residence was just across the park where I was drawing. They gave me this little stuffed doll to hold and said they'd take my picture with it. I thought well, OK. I strangled the little beast and made this scowl, acting crazy. Turns out, it was their mascot and they normally do this picture taking with the mascot thing for luck. He.he. OOPS! I guess you'll see it in the next issue.