Monday, January 31, 2005

I Hate You Jonas

Graphic Detail by Jonas Diego

Komikero and pal Jonas Diego is starting up a twice weekly strip in his blog called Graphic Detail. From what he told me, the strip would most likely talk about comics...or sex. I'm really not sure which.

His strip starts today, January 31, and will be seen every Mondays and Thursdays. His first strip features ME, of all people. Actually, I don't know why I'm talking about this and pointing you to his site. He's making me look bad, the bastard. I hate him. I mean, just LOOK at that drawing. What IS that? It's CRAP. CRAP!!! He apparently has eye problems because he's got me confused with a cranky fat guy when in reality... and I mean this not to blow my own horn, but just to set everyone straight with the FACTS... in reality I'm really a svelte but muscular hulk of a man. Lean, mean and tan. And not cranky at all. I mean, dammit! REALLY!!

So DON'T go to his Blogger Account or his Deviant Account that dare spread lies and half truths about me. I mean NOBODY should go there. It's dark, and it's creepy and most likely some thug will mug you. You were WARNED.