Thursday, January 20, 2005

Formerly Known as Hammerhead


My new inking project is about to start and I'm looking forward to seeing the pages arrive. Editor Ben Abernathy has sent me the script for the first 9 pages and man... this book is going to kick serious ass.

This is the Cliffhanger/Wildstorm/DC Comics project formerly known as "Hammerhead". It's got a new title now which I am not at liberty to say at the moment. It's written by hot up and coming (if he isn't 'there' already) writer Andy Diggle, who has been flattening 'em dead on Swamp Thing, Losers and Adam Strange.

My art partner is as always, Leinil Francis Yu, who has turned in preview pages for the book that just look breathtaking. Once again, he makes an artistic leap here, as he has consistently done so since the X-Men. His every new project looks different from the last, and this new project is no exception.