Monday, January 24, 2005

Racist Comics Art?

Racist Comics Art?

This particular artwork from the musuem was taken down from a site that had used it because its visitors complained that it was racist.

Is it?

Having an open mind, I looked at the artwork again to see if I could see anything disturbing or racist about it. But really, all I see is a fight that's breaking out in a market.

Having read the story, the guy who's getting his head hit with a fish is Jack. He insulted the wares of the fish monger woman. The fish monger woman's husband defends his wife and Jack tells him to butt out. The fish monger woman hits Jack and a fight ensues and everybody gangs up on Jack.

Somebody calls Jill, Jack's brother and she charges into the market to defend his haplessly rude brother.

All of the characters here are Filipino and no other race is involved.

I'm still scratching my head how THAT can be racist at all. Am I too naive or innocent to see it? If anyone can give me an idea how this image can be disturbing, PLEASE let me know because honestly, I just don't see it.

And based on the stories that have been written by Mars Ravelo (who wrote this tale), and based on the accounts of friends and family of Elpidio Torres (who drew it), I get the sense that they were good people that were much loved by people who knew them. I don't believe anything racist can be produced by them intentionally.

But if you ask me, there are just too many people going around that are a little *TOO* racially sensitive that they see things that aren't there.


On a side note, the artwork in the musuem are all meant to be seen and shared with everybody. I have no problem other people using any image from this site on their own sites. The more people see these artworks, the better the art of Filipino comics artists are promoted.

But I would appreciate it if this site was credited and linked whenever any image from it is used elsewhere. Just so everyone knows where to find more of it, no?