Monday, August 07, 2006

Komikero Video Blog #3

It's time again for a video blog! This time, I feature Komikero Johnny Danganan, who just came back to San Pablo from Mindanao. Johnny is one of the earliest members of Komikero, and he's what is known as an "Installation Artist", a type of artist I've come to know about only in the last couple of years.

Komikero Video Blog #3:
Our Friend Johnny!

I'm really glad to see other Komikeros trying this thing out including Edgar Tadeo and Azrael Coladilla. It's by no means the one and only future of blogging, but I think it's a fun alternative.

My next video blog will be some background stuff on the creation of a "Komiks" Podcast by Jonas Diego, Randy Valiente, and myself. A podcast is nothing more than an audio recording that can be played back on a website. They're usually quite long, and our first attempt would mostly likely be around 45 minutes. We talked about many issues surrounding Philippine Komiks including what a "revival" entails, my thoughts on manga, and various techniques in comics illustration.

For a traditionalist like me who has forsaken cellphones, avoids drawing with a computer and would be caught dead with an iPod, I'm surprised that I'm open to other avenues of technology. It just goes to show that not everything is black and white, and not everyone can be easily categorized.