Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More Elmer Art

Dell Barras

More Elmer art came in in the last month, this time from Dell Barras! Dell is a good friend, and one of the nicest artists anyone could meet. Although mostly an animator in his later career, Dell has worked on many comic books in the Philippines including Darna. In the US he was able to ink many Marvel comics like New Mutants, Defenders, Champions, Incredible Hulk, Justice Machine, Detective Comics and many more. Thanks Dell!

Here are a couple pieces from an old friend:

Jaime Fornoles

Jaime is one of my oldest friends in comics, having met him right after I decided to make comics my career back in 1991. He's the very first one who showed me my first naked woman on the Internet (It was Abby Viduya). He doesn't know this (but if he reads this now he will), but he is the only friend I talked to in the few days after my ex broke up with me.

I was living near Quiapo back then, and I walked all the way from home to Robinson's Galleria in Ortigas and bought a couple of comic books. I think one of them was Wildcats Trilogy #1 because that cover by Jae Lee was freaking awesome. I then walked back, passing by Jaime's house near New Manila and hung out a bit. I never told him my girlfriend just broke up with me and I was hurting really bad. It was just nice having to talk to someone. And then I walked all the way back home.

Jaime would eventually make me a few pinups for Wasted, one of which saw print in one of the individual issues. Now he's made me another batch or really cool ones for ELMER. Thanks man!!

Andrew Drilon

Here's one from up and coming writer and artist Andrew Drilon, who has so far contributed to both SIGLO books, Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol. 1, the Philippine Star. I honestly don't know if I've posted this up yet. Thanks Andrew!

Apologies to all these guys, who have submitted these drawings for quite some time now and I was only able to get around uploading them now.