Sunday, August 13, 2006

Saving Sally, Elmer Fan Art

I was approached last year by writer Charlene Sawit, who had interviewed me previously for BluPrint Magazine. She had written a script for an independent movie called "Saving Sally" that was being directed by Avid Liongoren. I drew a mock cover and 2 pages to a comic book that a character will be reading in the movie.

I didn't hear from them for a year, until I saw a Saving Sally Trailer go up at You Tube a few months ago. I thought wow, I knew Avid to be a very funky, unique and quirky artist, and I was really impressed that he was able to translate the fun quirky quality of his art to moving images.
It's the kind of reaction I had upon seeing Mirror Mask and marvelling at how director Dave McKean made it look like artwork (in Sandman covers) he had been famous for.

Avid sent over these two screenshots from the film, shot in a comics store that I wish were real. I mean, for a store to have a huge ass poster of TIMAWA, Lastikman and Wasted, as well as a section for Elmer, well, that store has got to be some of the coolest around. :)

Check out Avid Liongoren's site here, as well as Saving Sally's Trailer here.

Here's some more Elmer art!

Myke Turda

Son of prolific letterer Bob Turda who worked for GASI, Dubai-based Myke is very much a talented artist on his own. That's a great piece of art, Myke, thanks!!

Adam David

My friend Adam sent in this really clever Batman inspired chicken art. Check out his blog. It's not your usual online journal.