Friday, August 25, 2006

The Making of HUMANIS REX! Video

The Making of Humanis Rex!
Komikero Video Blog #6

Humanis Rex! is a 2-page a month full color comics series I write, draw and color for Fudge Magazine, published here in the Philippines by Sesame Seed Creatives, Inc.

In this video, I go through the process of creating one installment of Humanis Rex! from the writing to the drawing, to the coloring, lettering, and then finally submitting.

I decided to upload it to Google Video instead, because the length of the video (at 11 minutes and 38 seconds) went beyond the limitations set by You Tube. Once You Tube approves the upgrade of my account to allow me to submit videos of more than 10 minutes (if they ever do), I'll upload this video there as well just so all my video blogs are together in one place.