Sunday, August 27, 2006

When I Wasn't Doing Comics Yet

I visited my folks at the old house the other day to catch up, to pick up some things and leave off others. My dad gave me this picture of me he found while rummaging through his files:

Oh man... memories! This really brings me back. This was taken around February of 1990 at a house along Dna Hemady in New Manila. Creating comics was still the farthest thing from my mind. I wasn't a licensed architect yet but here I was already working as a construction supervisor for Architect Edgar Lee.

For this particular project, we were renovating the kitchen of the house as was our specialty it seemed. I handled another kitchen renovation just a few months earlier.

This was one of those projects that stressed me out more than anything else has before or since, and made me dread the kind of life I'll have if this kind of thing was something I would go through for all time.


Jonas Diego has just posted pictures of our Komikero 5th Year Anniversary Meet! Click Here. I'll be posting a video blog about it soon.


I've been an inker of comics for 10 years. Technically, I'm *still* an inker, as I still ink anything I myself pencil. There is an inker's forum put together by PJ Magalhaes that just went live. A lot of professional inkers visit the forum and this is an invitation to other pro inkers, aspiring artists, established artists, etc. to go register and get involved in discussions about the job. Ed, sali ka!

Inkers.Org Message Board


A Creating Comics Time Lapse
"The Making of Humanis Rex!"

This is an abridged video of Komikero Video Blog #6: The Making of Humanis Rex! where I cut out all my yapping and just let all the pictures do the talking. To see the full version of the video, scroll down below this post, or if it's not there, click here.